Cask Beer

Cask beer is brewed from traditional ingredients which mature in the barrel: it isn’t filtered, pasteurised or interfered with!

We add fresh live yeast directly into the barrel where our beer benefits from secondary fermentation and allows natural carbonation to occur. Some say it’s better for you as beer brewed this way retains Vitamin B and probiotic qualities from the yeast. It’s all a matter of taste!

At Belvoir Brewery, you will discover craftsman beers of the highest quality, each bringing its own character, depth and finish.

We’ve put together brief descriptions of each to help you find your favourite.

Nothing beats sampling them yourself so why not arrange a tour of the brewery which includes tastings of three of our cask ales (as well as taking you through the brewing process with humour and anecdotes!)

Find out more here.

We hope you enjoy our beers as much as we relish producing them.