Beer For Your Event

Are you looking for Real Ale for your event? We can guide you through the art of serving your “trad” ale or we can simplify things by supplying you with “bright” ale.

What Is “Bright” Real Ale?

Initially, we brew our beer and “rack” it into casks, just like our traditional ale. At this point it still contains the live yeast that helps to add “condition” (a little bit of fizz) to the beer. We allow the yeast to settle in the cask and then we draw the beer off, just like in the pub, into a separate cask. The beer contains little or no yeast and is clear.

Why Buy Real Ale “Bright”?

Handling bright beer couldn’t be simpler. As there is no yeast present, the cask can be moved at any point, right up to the point of serving, and there is nothing to worry about if the cask gets knocked or needs to be moved again.

Is There A Downside?

Not really. The main thing is that the shelf life of the beer is reduced. The yeast that’s usually present in “trad” real ale protects the beer from spoilage and an unopened cask will easily last a month or more if kept cool. “Bright” beer doesn’t have this protection and so ideally it should be kept cool and served 1-2 days after purchase. Once opened, it’s easy, simply drink and enjoy, but aim to drink the cask dry on the day or at least finish it off the day after!

However, if there is any beer left then our tip is to decant the beer into small plastic bottles and fill to the brim (thus keeping any air out), and seal it tight. This way any remaining beer will last that little bit longer until you are ready to finish it off.

What If I Want My Real Ale Completely Traditional?

That’s no problem at all and we can guide you through the key pointers of serving your traditional ale in the best possible condition.

We can supply Bright or Trad ale for your events in the following sizes:

Trad: Firkin (72 pints)

Bright: Firkin (72 pints)
Pin (36 pints)

We will supply a tap free of charge to dispense the beer, and can also supply all the equipment needed to give you the full bar experience such as a tap, a hand pull, a pump clip, a drip tray, a sparkler, and wooden blocks. There is a £50 refundable deposit per cask, and a £10 hire charge per hand pull. There is no deposit required for anything else. All beer will need to be collected from the brewery.

Now what are you waiting for…treat your friends to some of our Star Quality Beer and enjoy!