Maris Otter 50th Anniversary Beer Festival


Maris OtterIn 2015 Maris Otter celebrates its 50th harvest. To celebrate there will be a Maris Otter 50 Beer Festival in Norwich on 18 & 19 September 2015 with 50 top brewers from across the UK, Europe and the USA brewing up special Maris Otter beers for the occasion, a full list can be found here.

We will be at this festival showcasing our new Otter Genius, alongside Dark House and a new limited edition cask beer called Fly Half.

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Otter Genius 4.1% abv

Brewed for the Otter 50th celebrations

The Maris Otter 50th Beer Festival 2015 will mark the extraordinary success of this malting barley – revered among ale brewers as the Rolls Royce of brewing malts. The Festival, the first ever to focus on a particular malt, will feature 50 new cask ales from across the country and the world.

There is only one brewer representing Leicestershire with a cask ale for the Festival and Belvoir Brewery is honoured to have been invited to provide the region’s contribution to the event.

Given that this is the only variety to have been in continual production for so long, it’s definitely worth celebrating. 50 years gives a golden excuse to talk about ingredients, craftsmanship, flavour -and all that is good about traditional British brewing.

“We have created a truly special ale as a tribute to this phenomenal barley variety – brewed with 100% Maris Otter the beer is golden, full flavoured with a generous late hop to give a fruity finish”