Another great year at the Nottingham Beer Festival


We’re pleased to announce that Belvoir Brewery had another successful year at this years Nottingham Beer Festival. We ended up down to our last cask on Saturday night which was a fantastic achievement, and our two specials Fly Half and Otter Genius proved to be a great addition to our regular beers. As a result of our success we’d just like to say a big thanks to all those people who came down and supported us during the four days.


Belvoir Brewery - Nottingham Beer Festival 2015Colin (founder and MD of the brewery) who was at the festival every day manning the bar said “Thanks to all who came down and enjoyed our beer. It was great to meet so many people in person and have a chat with the people who keep us going. I really appreciated all the positive feedback, and it was fantastic to see so many people enjoying our beers…after all, this is why we do what we do”. Colin and Irene can be seen enjoying a chat with Paul Corbett, MD of Charles Faram, who’s company sells the largest range of hops in the UK.


Belvoir Brewery - Old Men Enjoying Beaver 1The village bar area was a huge success and of course the weather played a big part in making this year one to remember. It was great to see some of our regular customers and suppliers, along with a group of dashing old men who had made the long trip from Leicester to celebrate Carl Walker’s 40th, and the beginning of his new life. Their favourite beer…Beaver of course, and it made their day when Colin gave them all an ‘I Love Beaver’ badge to take home. Greg Lennox, day trip organiser, said “We’d heard about the Belvoir Brewery but had never actually sampled any, so it’s great to finally try some of their wonderful beer. We enjoyed the Otter Genius, but the Beaver was a lovely tipple”.


Colin Brown Belvoir Brewery meets Colin BrownColin Brown AleOn the first day Colin Brown even meet a fellow Colin Brown and they shared a beer together before wishing each other all the best and going their separate ways. There was also a Colin Brown beer, but unfortunately Colin never had chance to try it due to the demands of the beer thirsty public who kept him busy serving beer for four days straight.


Belvoir Brewery Marquee - Nottingham Beer Festival 2015We shared the marquee with colleagues at Shipstone’s, and it was great to hear that their beer was a big success on the ‘Best Beer’ app, so congratulations to them on a successful festival.


We’re already looking forward to next year, and we hope to see you all again.