New Fermenter To Produce Festive Beer


New Fermenter (Belvoir Brewery)Belvoir Brewery’s new fermenter (seen here in the factory) will be arriving from Germany on Monday 16th November, and will be ready for its debut brew on Monday 23rd. However, its not just any old brew…as it’s been decided that the new fermenter will be used to brew the first of this years festive beers.


GoodElf‘Good Elf’, a 4.7% Golden Fruity Beer with Elfy Ingredients, will be racked at the beginning of December ready to be shipped out in time for the build up to the party season. At this time of year everyone needs a little Elf leading up to Christmas, so make sure you keep a look out for the beer at your local, as a few pints of this will more than prepare you for the busy festive period that lies ahead.


Pat the BrewerOur second festive beer will be brewed shortly after, and at present only the name has been decided. The brew sheet for ‘New Beers Resolution’ is only half complete, but brewer Pat (seen here on the left) has a few ideas up his sleeve. Pat says “I’d love to brew a strong IPA around 6% but I’m not sure it would be ideal for many of our regular drinkers. With this in mind, we’re looking at brewing something around 4.1% but adding some special ingredients to give it a really interesting and festive taste. As a brewer, creating a new beer is one of the highlights of our job, and it will be great to put the new fermenter through its paces and see how it handles brewing a couple of special beers for everybody to enjoy over the festive period”.


Watch this space to see the new fermenter in action, and for the exciting developments of New Beers Resolution.