Festive Beers Now Available


Ed celebrates finishing the FermenterDan holds festive pump clipsThe festivities can finally commence as we’re happy to say both of our festive beers were racked this week and are now available.

Thanks to some sterling work from Ed (seen here on the left) the new Fermenter is now looking like it belongs in the brewery, and it didn’t let us down with it’s debut brew Good Elf. The brewery team have also been grafting away to produce the perfect beers for the occasion, and Dan can be seen proudly holding up the new pump clips in front of the vessel that produced the magic.

WP_20151204_009The beers will be available for a limited time so don’t sleep and get some ordered ready for all to enjoy over the next few weeks.Good Elf & New Beer's Resolution Pump Clips

George from the brewery said “Obviously they’re both great beers, but I’m favouring the Good Elf and hope to enjoy as many pints as possible over the next month…and hope others will enjoy it with me”, while Brewer Pat said “I’m really pleased with the way New Beer’s Resolution has turned out as we worked hard to come up with a recipe that we thought would suit the occasion. Of course it’s great to be able to sample the beer in the brewery, but nothing beats a real pint from behind the bar, so I can’t wait to sit back and relax while enjoying this hearty winter ale”.


We hope you all enjoy these two beers (and our regular beers) over the next few hectic weeks…and if you see Ed or the brewers make sure you buy them a pint as they’ve earned them!