The 8 Days Of Belvoir


With only 8 days to go until Christmas why not pass the days by drinking a different hand crafted Belvoir Brewery beer every day.



Today: Enjoy a crisp refreshing 3.6% Whipling to kick things off.





Saturday 19th: Look into the night sky whilst savouring this 3.9% classic best bitter.





Sunday 20th: Relax with a Beaver…



Oatmeal Stout

Monday 21st: It’s winter, so time to man up and have a few pints of this cracking full bodied 4.3% dark stout.



New Beer's

Tuesday 22nd: The end of the year is nigh so treat yourself to this 4.2% hearty winter ale with hints of spiced winter berries.



Old Dalby

Wednesday 23rd: Keep the stresses of Christmas at bay with this sturdy 5.1% rich ruby ale.



Good Elf

Christmas Eve: You’re all ready, so congratulate yourself by downing a few well earned pints of this festive 4.7% golden fruity treat.



Well done, thanks to us and our budding master brewers you’ve survived another Christmas run-in and are feeling better than ever before. You’ve made it to the big day, and of course there’s only one beer you should be enjoying on this very special of all occasions…

Celebration Day Bottle Label

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Brewery