Happy New Year From Belvoir Brewery


New StaffIt’s been another busy and entertaining year at the brewery. We’ve continued to brew and supply our excellent beer for all to enjoy, and we’ve welcomed Andrea and Dan (full-time), and Thomas (part-time) to the team, while George has moved from a part-time role in the brewery to full-time. All have settled nicely into their new roles and are now important members of a happy team.


Colin Brown In Front Of CastleOn top of that of course it was our 20th anniversary in April and we had a great time celebrating at Belvoir Castle with many old faces that have supported us over the years, and it was lovely to see that our hard work has been appreciated by all. A special mention obviously goes to our Owner, MD, and Master Brewer Colin Brown, whose countless hours over the years have made it possible for us to be in the fantastic position we’re in now. Long may he continue to keep things running smoothly so we can continue providing quality beers for all to enjoy.


fb-logoAs part of rebranding the new logo came into play more prominently this year, having first been introduced at the tail end of 2014. It’s a contemporary version of our old logo, and I’m sure you’ll agree it maintains the character and integrity of the old design. This year also saw the launch of our fantastic new website which shows exactly what we’re about in a more professional manor, and provides the public with all the information they need to know about the brewery. We’re now able to keep in touch with social media via twitter and facebook, and blogs are posted every couple of weeks with information about any special brews, and what’s happening in the brewery.


New Beer'sWe’ve been really pleased with the reaction to our specials this year, and think we made the right decision in deciding to bottle our anniversary beer ‘Celebration Day’, which has received nothing but positive feedback from the people that have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy it.

Our Rugby World Cup special ‘Flyhalf’ also went down well…despite England’s dreadful performance on home soil! and our ‘Otter Genius’ was a big success at the Nottingham Beer Festival.

Hopefully you’ll still be enjoying our festive beers ‘Good Elf’ and ‘New Beers Resolution’, and we’ve only got 2 casks of New Beers left, so get in quick if you want to raise a glass and celebrate your New Years Resolution in style!


Brewery Team CaskThanks to our brewers, Pat and Sean, for all the their efforts this year. The pair of them put in hours of hard graft to produce the wonderful beers we all enjoy, and if it wasn’t for all their time and dedication then we wouldn’t have the quality product we continue to deliver to the public. Thanks also to Dan and George in the brewery, as without their hard work behind the scenes the brewery wouldn’t run as efficiently as it does. Finally, thanks to the drivers Steve, Ian and Dan (Little) for all their efforts, as without them you wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the wonderful beer we brew!


We’ve got plenty of things in the pipeline for 2016 so watch this space, but most of all we hope you continue to enjoy our beer, as at the end of the day that’s what we all enjoy doing, and that’s why we’re here.


A big thanks to everybody who has helped us over the last 12 months, and to everybody who has bought and enjoyed our beer…whether it be a bottle, a pint, a polypin, a pin, a firkin, or a kilderkin!


We wish you all a very Happy New Year, and we look forward to brewing you plenty of beer in 2016…