Life Of Our New Master Brewer – Part Two…


Below is the second installment from our new Head Brewer and Beer Sommelier Derek Orford…

It’s my third week at the brewery, but last weekend my focus was on moving into my new home at West Bridgford. It’s a lovely area, but there’s one thing wrong…none of our beers are currently available there on draft! Something for us to work on! If you have a favourite pub in and around West Bridgford where you’d like to find our beers then please let us know.

After the traditional post-Christmas lull, drinkers are getting out and about a bit more as we approach Easter. So we’re getting busy, and a big help this week was the freeze in beer duty. Avoiding an increase, along with all the paperwork that goes with it, is a huge plus. Did you know that 52 pence from every pint already goes to the taxman?


1-dark-horseThe Dispensary-Embankment

This weekend I’m going to stroll across the river to The Embankment and it’s Dispensary bar to see how our award winning Dark Horse Mild is going down. Mild is one of my favourite beer styles and is making a comeback. Hope to see you there!