Local Is Best


Our new GM and Head Brewer Derek Orford shares more thoughts on life in and around the Vale…

There are now more breweries in the UK (some 1,500 active) than at any time in the last hundred years or so. Go into many pubs or off-licences these days and you’ll find good British beer in cask or in bottle from all over the country. And that’s a good thing for UK brewers.

But spare a thought for your local breweries. The money we pay our brewers and drivers stays in our local communities, and we support local events and charities. No need to send our money as far away as London or Aberdeen!


Redrospective 2016Redrospective 2016 (2)One local event that deserves a mention this week is the Redrospective, which is sponsored by the brewery. It’s a dance music festival in the Vale, held at the Barn in Church Lane, Redmile on June 4th. Proceeds from the festival go to support local causes.

Beer is best when it’s fresh. Cask beer can, and does travel all over the country, but the best beer you’ll taste is at the brewery itself or at the local pubs we serve. We’re delighted to have The Plough Inn at Normanton on the Wolds back as a customer (not forgetting The Plough at Stathern, or The Old Plough at Birstall!). All three pubs are within around a 12 mile radius of the brewery, and they couldn’t be getting fresher beer. Why not give one of them a try this week?

The PloughThe Plough (Stathern)The Old Plough (Birstall)






The Dispensary-EmbankmentDark HorsePS. Thanks to the drinkers at the Embankment who drank our award winning Dark Horse Mild so quickly that when I got there a couple of weeks ago it was all gone (the photo was provided by somebody who was lucky enough to get there in time!). Maybe they should order some more!


StarBlog update (7th April)

We’re pleased to say the Embankment have ordered some more Dark Horse! Plus some of our classic Star. They obviously know a good beer when they get one in. Make sure you pop down and enjoy a pint or two before it’s too late…