New Fermenter Debuts With First Beer Of New Range


UntitledUntitled (1)We’re pleased to announce our new 6 barrel (1,728 pint) fermenter is now up and running and is currently housing the first beer in a new line of specials. “Skyrider” is a refreshing, golden, 4.6% fruity beer and will be the first special in our new range of aviation themed beers. The beer will be racked week commencing 4th September and will Colinbe ready for the Melton Beer Festival, which runs from 16th – 17th September at the Cattle Market on Scalford Road.

With space at a premium in the brewery Colin managed to expertly set-up the fermenter on the mezzanine where we used to house the spare hot liquor tank…and it’s fair to say it already looks part of the furniture.


IMG_4920Untitled (3)The fermenter is the perfect size to experiment with new ideas and we’re really looking forward to bringing you some new and exciting beers over the next few months and beyond. It goes without saying we’ll continue to brew our existing range of star quality beers, but this new range will give the brewers a chance to come up with some intriguing combinations, and give you the chance to enjoy more quality beer from a brewery who continue to produce beers of the highest standard and have been doing so for over 20 years.


Belvoir Brewery BalloonThe aviation theme is something that’s very close to the brewery due to the fact that, as you might or might not be aware, we have our own hot air balloon…and as far as we’re aware we are the only brewery in Great Britain that does. They’re certainly aren’t many breweries in the world that do have a hot air balloon, but we do know that a fairly big German brewery also has one (no names…why not try and find out).



Along with the Skyrider we’re also brewing another special which will also be ready for the Melton Beer Festival. This special version of our Old Dalby will be a 5.5% strong dark beer fortified with a Raspberry Napoleon Brandy liqueur. Based on some previous works we found this combination of flavours proved to be very popular and have therefore taken this further to reproduce this unique and interesting flavoursome beer. The beer went down a storm the first time we experimented with it so don’t sleep on this one otherwise you’ll regret it!


Watch this space for further news of our exciting new range of beers.