Nottingham Beer & Cider Festival


Nottingham 2016 (1)Nottingham 2016Once again we’re thrilled to announce we will be attending this year’s CAMRA Nottingham Beer & Cider festival, which as usual will be held in the delightful Castle Grounds from Wednesday 12th – Saturday 15th October. Please be aware that this year we’ll be located in the big main tent at the top of the festival, and not down by the bandstand as we have been in the past.


IMG_6720For those lucky enough to have tickets you’ll be able to sample 9 of our Star Quality Beers (see below), including our now world famous Blue Brew which is currently fermenting away nicely ready for racking on Monday.

Light chestnut in colour, the Blue Brew has a smooth full-bodied flavour with a creamy texture derived from the infusion of Stilton Whey into the unfermented wort to produce a unique beer.Melton Times We’re really pleased it will be there this year and would love to hear what you think about it. The beer was recently featured in a great publication about the world’s most strange and wonderful beers, and if you like the beer we still have copies of the book available for sale at the brewery.

Belvoir Brewery - Nottingham Beer Festival 2015Colin Brown, Owner and Master Brewer (seen here on the left enjoying the festival last year) will as usual be manning the bar from Wednesday right through to Saturday, so please make sure you come down and say hello, sample some (or all!) of our cracking beers, and ask him how he continues to produce such a high standard time after time.

IMG_5986Along with the Blue Brew you’ll be able to enjoy our current special ‘Skyrider’, which at 4.6% is a lovely refreshing beer with a generous hop aroma. On top of these two fantastic beers we’ll also have our usual core beers – our classic 3.4% ‘Dark Horse’ Mild, our golden 3.6% ‘Whipling’, our 3.9% amber best bitter ‘Star’, our 4.1% light chestnut ‘Gordon Bennett’, our 4.3% premium chestnut best bitter ‘Beaver’, our 4.3% full-bodied creamy ‘Oatmeal Stout’, and our 5.1% ruby smooth strong ale ‘Old Dalby’.


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Most of our casks are now ready to be delivered in preparation for the onslaught next week so we look forward to seeing you there and hope you all enjoy it…especially our beers!