Another great Nottingham beer festival for Belvoir Brewery


IMG_6856We’re pleased to say that 2016 was another great Nottingham Beer Festival for Belvoir Brewery. Once again we really enjoyed the opportunity to meet all the people who enjoy our beer, from our regular drinkers, to many new drinkers who were trying (and clearly enjoying!) our beer for the very first time.



Colin with the Drinker 3 IMG_6854

Colin Brown, Master Brewer and Owner (seen here on the left with an old Drinker magazine from 2008 featuring himself!) worked tirelessly behind the bar from Wednesday right through until Saturday, and was pleased to serve his pride and joy to so many happy faces (such as this lovely couple on the right who were clearly enjoying themselves).


IMG_1404IMG_6998Colin’s task was made easier thanks to army of kind volunteers who help to make the festival what it is, as without them there would be nobody to serve you all the wonderful beer and cider…and therefore they’d be no festival. Special thanks to the volunteers who helped behind the Belvoir bar, including this “Dark Horse” on the left.


IMG_6932 IMG_6935All of our beers went down well, in particular our 3.6% refreshing golden ale Whipling which received some great feedback, along with our special 4.2% world famous Blue Brew, which is infused with Stilton Whey to make it a truly unique beer. Brewer Sean (on the left) was clearly delighted to be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and will have been even happier when the boss collared him to let him know how much the general public were loving his work…at least that’s what we think he was saying!

Beaver BadgeIMG_1403As to be expected the Beaver went down a storm and as ever our “I love Beaver” badges were a big hit with all who were wise enough to enjoy a half of our premium chestnut best bitter – as at the end of the day, everybody loves a Beaver…

Group shotIt was great to see our colleagues down in the Shipstone’s tent doing so well, and judging from the happy faces on this group photo their fantastic beer was also going down a treat! Richard from Shipstone’s looked like a tired man on Saturday night, but that just shows how much effort the likes of him and Colin put into an event like this. It takes a massive amount of dedication to run a brewery and get the beers out there to the public, and we all owe Colin and Richard (and all the other brewers and breweries) a big thanks for everything they do, and the man hours they invest behind the scenes day in, day out.


IMG_7072As usual the atmosphere in the main tent was buzzing and none more so than on Saturday night. Despite some of the most popular beers having sold out there were still plenty left for all to enjoy, along with the amazing selection of food that was once again on offer. The choice and variety of beers and the quality of the food just gets better every year, and all that on top of arguably the best setting for a beer festival anywhere in England makes the whole experience something special for all.

IMG_7002 IMG_7094As the lights go out on yet another fantastic festival in the picturesque castle grounds, it just leaves us to say a massive thanks to all who were involved in setting it up, and of course to all the wonderful people who came along and made the four days such an enjoyable experience. To those of you who had the pleasure of enjoying our beer we thank you, and we’ll hopefully see you all next year.