Belvoir Brewery Hot Air Balloon Returns



Now that winter is finally over (it’s been a long slog for us all!) it’s time to take to the skies, and luckily for us we can…in our own Belvoir Brewery Hot Air Balloon!

Brewery founder, Master Brewer, and MD Colin Brown has been flying hot air balloons nearly as long as he’s been brewing, and every year when the sun shines and the wind is just right he takes the opportunity to fly ‘G-OALE’ – our fantastic brewery balloon.


A couple of weeks ago brewer Rory got the chance to make his debut flight, so after work he headed to Play Close in Melton Mowbray to meet up with Colin who was there with his dedicated team of helpers setting up the balloon. There wasn’t much wind but Colin decided there was enough for a gentle flight, and what better way to spend a Friday evening after a long week at work.


With the balloon inflated Colin and Rory took off and Colin expertly guided them both through the still and quiet skies of Leicestershire for nearly an hour, before bringing them safely back to terra firma.


Rory was impressed…”I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t quite believe how calm it is up there. It’s bizarre. If anybody gets the chance they’ve got to do it”.

With summer around the corner keep an eye out for our balloon above the skies of Leicestershire…and if you spot it we’d love to see a photo.


We’ll get The Alehouse manager Craig (pictured above) in that balloon one day!